Team Building and Coaching

Be honest – a lot of time and therefore money is lost in many companies, because the communication in the collegial relationships are weakened due to lack of clarity and direction. By creating an instructive and developmental context, the relational competence increases. Organization in this field will acquire new understandings and experiences. This will develop a wider repertoire of action and subsequent performance of the company. I offer myself as a process leader to support, mentor and train in this training to the individual and the collaborating groups. The format can either be seminar-based, related to the daily work, or both. Team building and coaching can be the areas of focus. The final sequence is put together according to your needs.

Team Building

The most central is the team’s everyday life, where it is important to develop appropriate procedures and optimal relationships. On the basis of a daily practice specific tools for the learning process are offered and are to be a development-oriented team in continuous motion with a task they must solve.


Living humans are the primary organic material in organizations. This makes the growth of people a key concept. Keeping life in this development is a constant responsibility of both leader groups and individuals. Here, for example, you can get clarification on the needs and direction.

  • Separate own assumptions and expectations of others.
  • Develop the ability to open new doors and prioritize.
  • Clarify dilemmas.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Locate obstacles to change and get through the wave of change and keep their own success “down to the feet”.


Courses take place in groups of 8 persons.

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