The sun spreads its subtle light out over the Ganges. I go ashore at the banks of Varanasi. Notice the shift in my mood. Everything I experience here in this human swarm is so close, so close. It constantly touches the tip of my nose. Crawls right under my skin. So intimate. – I am one with the city. – I move through all this diversity with my eyes full of tears. This is no romantic sunrise, where I’m walking hand in hand with my beloved. This morning, I’m not seeing with my physical eyes alone.

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Review in the magazine “Psykologi” (No. 14 maj 2007)

A Journey for Life

A JOURNEY FOR LIFE Churned by the Sea – a spiritual journey into the unknown, is a real slow fix, in which body psychotherapist and course leader Anne Joergensen openly, honestly, movingly, inspiring and with liberating calmness, tells of her life’s journey – on both the inner and outer levels. Her story begins when a strong desire for absorption and peace, gets her to put her everyday life in Denmark “on standby” in order to travel to India, where she feels she will be able to go into this self-research project on a deeper level.

It becomes a journey on which everything, from the chaotic human swarming of the Indian cities, the wonders of nature in the countryside, and the women and men in whom she comes in contact, in a fascinating way close and open the right doors of her inner life.

In Anne Joergensen’s view, for such personal development towards joy in life and inner peace, it is necessary to have space, time, courage, and last but not least, unlimited opennes for what comes. And in the book, she also describes the fear and insecurity that follows the decision to go into the unknown. So it’s clear, this is no comfortable journey, but on the other hand, worth all the hardship, to walk on the path that oneself feels is true…

Lise Nehm


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