A Life Without Stress

Coaching, life coaching, stress management coaching, and a balanced work life: Every approach is an effective tool for supporting you in choosing a direction in your life that you really want or to clarify what you want. For this objective you may use a life coach. Perhaps you have a feeling that something is amiss in your life and that your abilities aren’t ulitilized properly. Go here to read more about how I can help you with the business side of your life.

Life Coaching

During a coaching session you will get the support you ned to examine personal patterns that are stopping you from reaching your goals. You will receive exercises developed for your specific situation which can be used on a day-to-day basis to realize how new practices can lead the way to new experiences you never thought possible. By getting heartfelt support, you are able to focus on what actually is and by accepting what is without a lot of self-criticism, and you will find a course of action that is sustainable.

It could be support is needed to:

  • Gain better understanding, more peace and less stress
  • Develop a career
  • Learn to prioritize better
  • Change course in life
  • Dare create success in a natural way
  • Make use of emotional intelligence in the work place as well
  • Acquire a better love life
  • Gain self esteem and not just confidence, and more.

A coach can help you achieve all of this.

To witness another person’s challenges is about trust and I will follow your exploration with the utmost respect, experience, expertise, warmth and humor.

Stress Management Coaching

If you have been under a long-lasting inner or outer pressure, it is natural to be in a permanent state of apprehension. This means that the body will have a hard time repairing itself. The symptoms are often trouble with concentration, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, irritation, sleep deprivation and indigestion.

In certain cases, it can be so detrimental that longer periods of sick leave is required. It naturally takes time to heal the system, meaning both body and mind and to find the way back to a more balanced life. It is very important to gradually start up work again. The extent of the healing process will depend largely upon circumstances. However, step by step you will turn into a good coach to yourself.

I am located Århusgade 2, 2100 Copenhagen, Oesterbro. We can also set up a Skype session, if you live far away.