Are you seeking a change in your life?

You hold the solution and answers to many imbalances or frustrations that you may be grappling with in your life. Nevertheless, it is not only pleasant but necessary to have someone by your side in that exploration. And I wholeheartedly support you in that process, standing right by your side. Then I can show you, in the mirror of your own heart, who you are. I teach you very concretely to trust what your heart tells you. Below, you can see how I can guide and help you.

Spiritual psychotherapy

If you are spiritually inclined, we can create a space together in my location in Copenhagen, Østerbro. A space for being. A space where you can explore what is ultimately true for you.

Couples Therapy

Are you tired of conflicts with your partner, repeating the same pattern over and over again? Emotionally focused couples therapy is a well-documented and effective way to uncover the root of these conflicts.


Coaching, life coaching, stress coaching, and work-life balance are all effective tools to support you in moving towards the life you truly desire - or to clarify what you wish for.


Through the self-development program, you can transition from a state of loneliness to further unfold yourself.

Summer Course

Come and join us and explore how heartfulness helps you move from the mind to the heart. From here, there is a whole new level of openness and resourcefulness.

Mindfulness retreat

This course offers a well-deserved break for self-indulgence and reflection, where I will support you in exploring the wisdom of your heart and help you recognize your unique value.

Meditation Group

Come and drop into your own little oasis in everyday life where you can immerse yourself alongside others who are interested in the same things as you.

Strengthen your intuition in a simple way through the body

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