Drop into your own little oasis in everyday life where you can immerse yourself with others who are interested in the same things as you.

The companionship provides increased energy. It’s like when an orchestra plays. There is a difference between when only a solo flute plays and the camaraderie that arises from playing together in a band. It lifts the energy. It is both a pleasure and crucial, as it supports the flourishing of each participant.


This group is created for us to sink into everyday life and immerse ourselves in what is. So you will naturally experience it differently from time to time. You will be given small exercises to help establish contact with your inner life.

As you train your meditation practice, you will find that you sink into silence for shorter and shorter periods. It is a very dynamic space, and the silence here is incredibly nourishing. There is nothing to do but to be in and with it. And from this open-hearted deeper beingness, security increases. You cannot be wrong or right here. Everything must be included. The increased security supports a more nuanced contact with consciousness. It is extremely healing for your entire system.


As you already know, the mind can be very preoccupied with many thoughts. Especially if you are in a stressful period. It can feel very noisy and be a great nuisance.

Meditation is good for quieting the mind. It’s just not enough if you are seriously stressed. So it’s important to also look at how you navigate your life. What is pushing you so hard that you are getting out of balance? Is it coming from within yourself, or is it coming from outside? Or maybe a combination?

In this case, it may be relevant for you to supplement with something more therapeutic. It’s a good combination to meditate and at the same time address what your mind keeps repeating and what you haven’t resolved. This applies, of course, to whatever one encounters in life. This is where mindfulness comes in, so you become aware of how you navigate your life and whether the way you do it is good for you. Mindfulness is good for sharpening your attention.


It is my intention with the group that the meditation we do in our living community is not a standalone experience, but that between the times we meet, for example, you train your heartfulness. Both towards yourself but also towards others. So you put action behind your experiences.

Furthermore, we live in a world that truly needs heartfelt people. Perhaps you feel like contributing to that.

I do, and you are very welcome.


Time: Approximately every 2nd Tuesday from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Start dates:  April 30th, May 14th, May 28th, June 11th, August 20th, September 2nd, and September 17th., October 1.st

Facilitator: Spiritual psychotherapist Anne Jørgensen.

Location: Århusgade 2, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Price: 2,000 DKK for a total of 8 sessions approximately every 14 days. Upon agreement, it is possible to pay the course fee in 2 installments of 1,000 DKK each.

Deadline for registration: April 23 th.

Upon registration, please call or send an email to arrange a phone appointment so we can have a chat and establish a bit more contact. This is very important.

Tlf. 24 89 10 71 | info@lifeprocess.dk

Registration is binding, including in case of absence, including illness. If you have any questions, feel free to call or write.

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