From Mindfulness to Heartfulness

Participate in this week long retreat From Mindfulness to Heartfulness and do yoga and meditate in beautiful Barcelona:

November 9-16, 2019
Register by September 22, 2019

Treat yourself to a week’s (well deserved) break with plenty of time to self-indulgence and reflection without interruptions. Participate in the From Mindfulness to Heartfulness retreat and practice yoga and meditation in the beautiful mountains south of Barcelona and close to the ocean.

Do you recognize any of this?

  • It would be so nice if I could let go of the feeling that I am prioritizing the wrong things
  • You want to learn to listen better to yourself, pause and be still so that you can feel a connection to your inner self (again)
  • You are looking to make a change in your life, but you are not quite sure how to bring more energy, joy and surplus into your everyday life
  • You dream of a life filled with aspiration and less obligation

In this retreat by practicing mindfulness and heartfulness, you will learn to listen to yourself and trust in what your heart tells you. It will be a sensuous, nourishing and stimulating journey for body and spirit. It’s vacation and self-indulgence, but it’s also worthwhile life lessons. You will receive concrete tools to bring with you that can help you change patterns of behavior and habits that currently are stopping you from living your life the way you want to.

We are staying in a fabulously beautiful Catalonian country house that was built 420 years ago, now modernized in a most respectful way. It is located a little south of Barcelona in the mountains – but it is still close to the ocean. There is room for 10 people at the retreat center, which means we will be an intimate group.

We have our own personal chef who will make us some wonderful, fresh and tasteful meals.

Dear Anne, it has been a real eye opener for me to participate in this course. I have learned so much about myself and it is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself. Thank you for a fantastic retreat.

Mona, 42 years

Discover new parts of yourself which can give you a freer and ‘greater’ life

During the retreat, we will also nurture our relationships. Being in a mutual relationship is a basic human condition and need. In  relationships, we grow, thrive or decline. This is where we, early on in life, have learned about how to express ourselves or hold back. What we have learned in life shows up in our relationships and can easily feel like a constraint to your freedom of movement.
This is why we will take extra care of not having you have ‘to fit in’, but instead have you explore what is true to you.

Perhaps you already see yourself as a free and easy going person, and that is great. But perhaps there are still resources you think you could enjoy having and sharing, when connecting with others? In the retreat you will have the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, your usual habits and ways of acting with genuine support. This way you will create a freer space in which to move about.

It’s a rare opportunity to learn and co-create, when living together in community and open spaces, where everyone is dedicated to learning and contributing with who they are in their own pace.

As a teacher and human being, I offer my presence, integrity, gentleness, humor and knowledge to support the open space that we are creating together.

The retreat is a unique opportunity to reflect and contemplate without interruptions while relaxing:

  • You will come home with profound insights, your heart lifted and more self-awareness
  • You receive all the support you need to see – and the possibility to change some of the habits and practices that presently stops you from being who you truly are
  • What you learn will be integrated in a simple and direct way. It’s a unique opportunity to really to learn to “walk the talk”

What you learn in the group sessions is with you during your ‘breaks.’ And that’s when you’ll realize how you act or react to what you’ve just learned. And this, you can use as you go further into your own process and adjust it as you see fit. Or simply enjoy what you’ve learned and give it time to settle.

The retreat is not only a week of yoga and from mindfulness to heartfulness practices, it’s so much more.

You learn the following on the retreat

  • By practicing mindfulness, you become aware of patterns and ways in which you deal with your life. Observing these patterns helps you to become more present – and opens you to see new possibilities; for instance, you may realize things that need to be changed.
  • By practicing heartfulness, you learn to open up your heart more, which leads to total surrender to what is and liberation from who you think you are.
  • Among other things, we will make use of techniques to deepen the breath. This has a vital importance to creating connection in the body – and for being able to be present. You will receive meditation exercises for everyday practices.By going more deeply into the body, being present in it, you’ll have the opportunity to feel more of the potential the presence holds for you. We co-create a space of focus and attention to examine this and will have a direct experience.
  • When tensions are localized an opportunity arises to dissolve them and thus liberate any hindered potential, so that any unexplored life can be expressed.

My head became smaller and my body grew!! Wonderful and instructive stay.

Karin, Copenhagen, 32 years

My experience of Anne’s retreat was some of the most present, challenging, de-stressing,  pleasant and instructive I’ve experienced in a long time.  I flew down there with a feeling of skepticism, but flew back home with a feeling of happiness. I highly recommend this course. 

Andreas, 30 years

Your Teacher and Guide During the Retreat

I am a psychotherapist with a speciality in body oriented psychotherapy, process manager, coach and yoga teacher. In 1986, I established the company Lifeprocess, which was formed on my own development process.

I have faciliated mindfulness courses and retreats domestically and overseas since 1998 – and I love it.

Earlier on in my life, I experienced how constricting and controlling learned ideas about how I should live my life can be. It wasn’t until I learned step by step to uncover the layers, I realized that the ideals were really a defense mechanism created for survival. That is when I began to truly live my life. And I want to pass on the same opportunity to you.

The wonderful thing is that it is infectious, the open space that is created when you peel off the layers and find yourself again. In this space, others are welcome – this is heartfulness.

I inspire and lead the process during the week of the retreat and connect all the threads to study. We are not doing psychotherapy. The retreat is a self-development study. The stories of the past are of course welcome, but we relate fully to what is happening in the now.

I am process oriented in my work, so there is room for what we all bring to the table and to what organically arises. We use nature – its beauty, power and stillness to reflect and enjoy. We use yoga, meditation and dynamic movement to strengthen our connection to the body and to support a higher consciousness. We make use of the components of mindfulness and heartfulness.

Practical Details and More

Dates: November 9-16, 2019
The day of arrival and departure is Saturday.
The retreat itself takes place over 5 days. (On Friday we have a day off).

Price in total: around DKR. 9505,- + flight to Barcelona  around DKR. 1000,- (retreatfee for buisness a little higher, see below)
This includes:
Retreat fee for individuals: DKR. 3.650,-
(Retreat fee for business: DKR. 5.450,- + 25% vat)
Food and accommodation: DKR. 5370,- shared double room. Single room an additional fee of DKR. 1530,-
Other transportation: Airport bus, train and taxi to the place costs max DKR. 160,-
Supplement to Rejsegarantifonden: DKR.325,-

I am happy to help out with booking the flights.

Before you finnaly sign up
If we don’t know each other, we meet for max 30 minutes, either in my office in Østerbro or if you live far away via skype, to connect and align expectations, to be sure this is the right retreat for you.

If you need more information about the retreat, feel free to call me or send me an email and I will get you a document with more details:
Ph. +45 24 89 10 71 |

Register by September 22, 2019.
The sooner you buy your ticket, the cheaper it is.  Please don’t purchase the flight ticket before you’ve been in touch with me.

Registration: Please send an mail to Anne: or call 24891071

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Love, Anne