Mindfulness course in Copenhagen. From Mindfulness to Heartfulness:

Become happier with yourself – without being selfish
and find peace with what is.

Become Happier with Yourself – Without Being Selfish

The mindfulness, meditation and yoga course in Copenhagen will teach you how to become happier with yourself – without being selfish. During the course, you will get the opportunity to establish a deeper connection with yourself in your daily life. Learn to find peace with what is. Realize that vulnerability is a strength, which is why it is important to take ownership of your vulnerabilities. You will learn to reduce your stress and increase a sense of security in your life. You will strengthen your emotional intelligence.

During these group sessions, we will practice how to get behind the psychological layer that we all know to originate from habits, identity, roles, our history, and known patterns we use while we move through life. Through the connection that is established in you another opening is created, at times full of vulnerability, inviting you to meet yourself in a completely open and heartfelt way. This meeting makes it a lot easier for you to move on in your own process – you don’t have to be someone you are not, feel something other than what you feel, you don’t have to change anything, but you do have to practice being present. You learn to realize that vulnerability is a strength. This is in and of itself quite liberating and simple.

Mindfulness helps us make the patterns and ways in which we tackle life conscious. Observing these patterns helps us be present in the now and makes us realize new possibilities and some times even helps us transform. From this foundation, we may be open to:

Heartfulness  – the endless opening of devotion to what is and the release of who we think we are. A new life full of opportunities opens up and we may explore our generous being to be authentic and heartfelt. Trusting our own situation in the middle of the pressure of the world becomes easier.

This group training is divided into several sessions. The members of the group are supported step by step to realize what it means to be more present in the now. Meditation exercises are given to be practiced daily. The number of training sessions can be extended.

We will make use of the essentials of Mindfulness, yoga and other dynamic movement practices to support the body and consciousness. If you wish to do an overnight retreat, please check out the Mindfulness retreats going to Mallorca and Tenerife in Spain.

Course dates: Starting Feb. 25., March 3. 17. + 31. April 15. + 28., May 5. + 19., June 3. + 16. 2020. All 10 Tuesdays from h:17.30- 20.00. Please fell free to call and ask: mobil nr. 24891071 or send a mail: info@lifeprocess.dk

Place: Århusgade 2, 2100 Copenhagen, Oesterbro.

Fee: DKK 5.500. By appointment it is possible to set up 6 payment installments of DK 920,- (January – June, 2020).
Business fee: DKK 8.250,- + tax

Registration:  Please call +45 24891071 or email: info@lifeprocess.dk to aks for free space and register not later than January 19. 2020.
Registration is nonrefundable also in case of absence including sick leave. You agree to these conditions when registering and paying for the course. You are welcome to call me if you have any further questions.

What some of the students from previous Mindfulness courses say:

The course “Become happier with yourself – without being self-sufficient” has given me support and courage to be aware of, feel and be present in my body. It is amazing to practice being present together with other people. It brings about a deep sense of fulfillment. And it is very educational to see and hear other people talk about their experiences and challenges in life. Funny enough I recognize and learn something from everyone!

Stine, 50 years old.

I learned to be aware of my body and my emotions during the course. I have uncovered a forgotten anger and released it again. From now on I will find the support I need with my spouse who has been open and respectful of my personal growth I have undergone.

Simone, 24 years old

I have gained access to my feelings in a new and differently genuine way during the course. I have discovered my own values and I have learned to be aware of my own needs instead of other’s.  I have learned to find an inner strength and to accept myself. My greatest insight is that I am good enough precisely the way I am.

Woman, 50 years with a husband and 2 children

The course gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in myself to try to reach a greater understanding of what is going on inside. The journey into myself was re-inforced bu the other participants who shared their reflections and feelings and I saw my own feelings and reflections reflected in theirs. I am humbled a lot by the trusting space that was brought about by all the participants and Anne and it has given me a new understanding for and attention to myself.

Louise, 31 years

Kurset har hjulpet mig til at acceptere at jeg ikke altid kan have det super og det er ok med en øv dag. Jeg prøver at sige det højt for mig selv ,at det er ok at det er sådan lige nu. Det hjælper VIRKELIGT at rumme problemet så føles det pludselig ikke så stort. At være med det .
Jeg har været urolig glad for at have lært dig at kende og synes du er meget dygtig. Jeg har virkelig lært noget vigtigt på dit hold som jeg bruger dagligt nu… Mange tak.

Sanne 49 år.

Tusind tak Anne for et aldeles udvidende og udviklende kursus. Jeg er meget glad for jeg fandt dig online. Selvom det var svært at være i ind imellem, fik jeg meget ud af det. Det gik op for mig undervejs, hvor skide kontrolleret jeg desværre stadigvæk er… har ellers tidligere arbejdet med at slappe lidt af.. men det er så ikke rigtig lykkedes, må jeg jo erkende.
Jeg fandt meget ro ved at sidde i vores gruppe, og falde ned i mig selv, og ikke mindst være tilstede i mig selv.

Agnethe 38 år

Jeg kan varmt anbefale forløb hos Anne, til alle der ønsker at opleve mere ro, nærvær, kærlighed og dybde i sig selv og i livet. Det er noget af det bedste jeg har gjort for mig selv.

Ane, 36 år

At mærke mig selv, mine egne behov, trække vejret  og finde ud af, at jeg har brug for at skabe mig rum for det. DET er meget vigtig læring for mig.

Charlotte, 50 år