From Mindfulness to Heartfulness

Every year in April and November, you can enjoy this sensual, nourishing and rejuvenating retreat. Both a vacation and great learning.

Next retreat is:
April 27 – May 4, 2019

We live with the many demands of everyday life and are constantly on. We are always moving ahead and getting better and better at it. It can be difficult to find a break. The danger is, that we get lost and live in the future – and what about being present now then? Where does the love and joy go?

Be aware of patterns – and take the opportunity to change

Mindfulness helps us to become aware of the patterns and the ways we tackle life. It helps us to be present by observing new possibilities and supporting change. From this basis we can open further into Heartfulness – the endless space of surrender to what is and the liberation from who we think we are. A new life of opportunities opens up —  and we can begin to explore the generosity of being authentic. Being heartful.

Old patterns can be difficult to dissolve without external support, as the mind is keen on defending habits. Therefore we must continuously be aware, as changes are only taking place when we are present. By embracing ourselves with gentleness, suffering can be released, and surrendering to what is/ who you are becomes possible.

Deepening the connection with the body

We will use techniques of deep breathing. This is of vital importance to the contact with the body and presence. You will get exercises that have a meditative effect and can be used in everyday life.

  • When we sink more into the body, it will be possible to feel some of its potential in the moment. We create together a focused space for this study, and have direct experiences.
  • When tensions are localized, it is possible to dissolve them, and thereby releasing hidden potential.
  • Explored life can be expressed – or just be quiet – and new understandings and learning can take place.

Why this retreat is different

This retreat is not a common yoga and mindfulness retreat. The way I work is very inclusive.
This means, that everything that occurs during all our time together, will be included in your entire process. And you have the possibility to deepen from Mindfulness to Heartfulness. So what you learn in the actual group sessions, is brought along into your so-called breaks. And you’ll see how you act, or react, to what you just learned.
You can bring it with you further into that process and adjust if necessary. Or just enjoy of what you have learned and give it time to settle.
Thus, your learning will be integrated.
I am in all modesty, very well trained in working with processes in groups, so it becomes a whole. You are going to make a unique, deep and coherent experience.

How we stay and live together – and learn

We are staying in beautiful and natural surroundings. We will use nature, its beauty, power and silence, for contemplation and enjoyment. We will also use elements of yoga, mindfulness and body therapy. We have our own house and will help each other with the cooking (only for breakfast and lunch). This is part of the training in learning to focus with enjoyment and being present. We will go out for dinner.

Skype: If we don´t know each other, we will have a Skype session before you can apply.

Dates and price:
Fee: Individuals: Course fee: € 485,- Business groups: € 700,- Lodging: € 290 , Food: € 200.  Flight from Cph: approx. € 260, -. Other transport approx. € 60. – We help each other with cooking (only morning and lunch) as a training in today’s learning with a focus on joyment, ease and being. We will go out and eat for dinner.

Dates: April 27. – May 4. 2019

Registration:  Deadline is January 20. 2019.  Please call +45 24891071 or send an email: .

For further info, please contact here and send a mail to Anne Joergensen about from Mindfulness to Heartfulness and yoga in Mallorca.