With the self-development journey, you will be able to move from a state of loneliness to unfolding even more.

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You long to stand stronger in yourself. From there, you can be in and meet the world with renewed openness, joy, and strength. And if you still desire a partner, you have a better chance of meeting one who stands equally strong, so you become a good match.

You want a life partner you can walk side by side with. Travel together while both being free individuals. It just hasn’t happened yet. The pain has become a big challenge, and you know it inside and out. A change needs to happen now. But how?

You have a good life but feel too alone. It’s been going on for a while now, and you’re ready to let go of the pain. You’re prepared to confront it head-on just to be able to release it.


And it’s to transform the pain. We can never make pain go away, but we can embrace it deeply – no matter how painful and uncomfortable it may be. Here’s where the miraculous happens, and a deep joy, love, passion, gratitude, and wisdom begin to sprout.

Pain, in its own strange way, is a gift. What’s impossible to see with the naked eye.

Together, we will create a space where you gain the courage to listen more deeply and at a more vulnerable level. In the journey, we practice stepping into the renewed state that emerges.

You are by no means alone, for you are accompanied by others who are in the same situation as you.

The community helps elevate each other to a higher vibration, which you need for your new starting point, with yourself, and out into the world.

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Experience that when you meet yourself 100%, a sense of calm and rest arises within you, where the pain of loneliness dissolves. It becomes a gateway to a deeper connection within your heart, and by meeting and embracing it wholeheartedly, a deep joy, love, and wisdom begin to sprout.

Learn how, through the body among other things, to listen more deeply to your body and the nuanced intelligence it holds. And how to bring that knowledge with you out into the world.

Learn about the dynamics of change, so you can move from fear to joy. Let go of the belief that you have to struggle to deal with discomfort, including the pain of being alone.

Challenge your old self-image and say YES to the new.


Depending on the process, we will make use of dialogue, dynamic movement, energy work, dance, meditation, and relevant theory. So, we have several forms we use as entry points to the process. This way, we can spice up the journey, depending on what suits best at the moment.

The body is extremely intelligent, and including it in learning speeds up your process. It’s an important resource that many have unfortunately overlooked for years. Your learning will be integrated in a direct and simple way, and will be reflected in your tasks between modules. “Walk the talk” is a natural element.

You learn about the dynamics of change, which you can use in all life processes where fear arises, and where we often prefer to go around instead of through. Fear is an existential condition, and by knowing how to handle it in the simplest way, you don’t need to be scared of it. But meet it with the certainty that there is a gift hidden within.

As a human and a teacher, I bring myself into the process with a high level of presence, integrity, knowledge, gentleness, and humor. This will support the open heart space we create together. It will be a space of seriousness and deep joy, where we are all touched on many levels as we transform the pain by embracing it with love. It’s a beautiful and liberating process.


The self-development program “Transform the pain of living alone” is relevant for you now if you can say yes to the following 3 statements:

  • You have created a lovely life that you are happy with, or are completely okay with. You “simply” miss having a life partner by your side.
  • You feel alone, and it is still painful. The pain keeps coming back.
  • You have tried everything not to feel alone, and you are tired of searching for a solution externally. Now you are ready to meet the pain of loneliness and let it go. So you can access joy, love, and creativity. And stand strong in yourself.


With the help of the self-development program, you will be able to move from a state of loneliness to unfolding even more, and you will have the prerequisites to:

  • Experience that there is love, creativity, and wisdom available when the pain of loneliness is released
  • Stand much stronger, more authentically, and true to yourself
  • Feel how much joy comes along, and that your energy is contagious
  • Meet yourself in an increased loving flow Stop self-sabotage.
  • And dare to live outside the familiar and limiting boundaries

38 years of experience in own business

Anne Jørgensen

I am the founder and owner of the company Lifeprocess.dk, and I am one of the pioneers in the field of personal development. Since 1986, I have challenged people to break free from their limited mindset in order to expand consciousness and the quality of the heart. I have been an inspiration in supporting individuals to fulfill their mission as the person they truly are. The world is in great need of people who stand up for themselves and contribute with integrity. We have no time to waste.

Through immersion, I have supported women and men in gaining a more heartfelt and proactive stance, as well as spiritually, for those for whom it is relevant.

I am known for teaching in an effective, gentle, intuitive, dynamic, and organic manner, drawing from deep knowledge and experience. I believe that the key to your soul, joy of life, creativity, and freedom lies within the heart.

I am the author of the book “Like the Sea Polishes Stones.” It is a personal account of a spiritual journey, delving into identity as I let go of everything in Denmark and moved to India for a few years.


The development program is an investment in your future. What is such a transformation worth? Is it worth 20,000 DKK? 30,000 DKK? 40,000 DKK? Think about it! I have set a price that I hope you will be happy with.


  • A total of 4 live course days from 10 am to 5 pm with a maximum of 8 participants, to maintain the intimate space
  • Individually designed tasks between each course part, all relevant to where you are in your process
  • Access to a closed online platform where you can interact with the rest of the group
  • 1.5 hours of online sparring with me in the group between each course part, however, 2 times in July to keep the process warm
  • Deeply inspiring interactions with other singles living alone, who are open to sharing the processes we collectively engage in. 

The investment in your life and your future is priced at 11,000 DKK.

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Can be paid in 4 monthly installments of 2,250 DKK each.

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Schedule a time for a clarifying free conversation, so you and I ensure that “Transform the pain of living alone” is the right fit for you.

Once you have signed up, you commit to yourself and to the group. The program is therefore binding for the entire period. You cannot pick and choose modules. You agree to this upon registration.


Are you still unsure about tapping into a source of joy, love, and wisdom?

Remember, you are worth it, and by investing in yourself, you have the opportunity to experience the power of love behind the pain. The world needs you to stand up for yourself and inspire as the unique individual you are, by honestly giving of yourself. In the self-development course “Transform the pain of living alone,” you say a profound YES to yourself, embracing both the delightful and the challenging, and gain access to the wisdom of the heart. Take a moment to be still, listen to your inner essence, and consider how life will unfold with and without this program. Tune in and make your choice.

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