Spiritual Practice

We will create a sacred space together for those who are spiritually inquisitive at my location in Copenhagen, Oesterbro or via Skype. The type of coaching is dependent on what is relevant to the situation.
In this space, we can also include working with the body. Experience a spiritual perspective to your self-development process and free yourself from limiting beliefs and habitual patterns. Here you will have the opportunity to explore and get to the essence of: Who am I behind my customary patterns, habits, identity and roles?
It is possible to let go of the focus dominated by the will (ego) and transform it to an impartial goodwill – to do what feels right to do or to be present. Make a shift out of your limiting box where patterns are repeated and the ego dictates your actions. This openness will strengthen your sense of freedom and generosity to yourself and others.
“What you seek, is seeking you”               Rumi
If you are interested in your spiritual evolution, then start by exploring everyday experiences where your own psychological concerns come into sight. To live life from a spiritual perspective is very concrete and material. And if you also include the body in this exploration, it will help you stay grounded.
It requires training to keep your awareness on the concrete things in life from a spiritual perspective, instead of focusing on so-called psychological issues. We will, of course, have to look at psychological concerns but we don’t have to get fixated on them. This training is life affirming and meaningful to the investigator.If you need support in this training, I’d be happy to join you in this exploration.
See also: Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Mallorca. They are great opportunities to find support and encouragement in your spiritual practices.