Summer Course on Møn, July 2024

Source of Joy - How to Rediscover Your Fundamental Joy

Come and join us to explore how heartfulness guides you from the mind to the heart.

From here, there is an entirely different openness and resource than the habitual thinking of the mind.

Summer Course on Møn, July 2024

Life is a gift, and at this retreat, we will celebrate the gift we have all received. From mindfulness to heartfulness, full of heart, the source of joy emerges. By shifting the focus from the mind to the heart, you sink deeper into the body, gaining access to a significantly larger field. That source we will explore here at the retreat, so you are able to increase your connection to your fundamental joy, bringing more lightness and ease into your everyday life.

You will receive learning and vacation for both body and soul at this retreat.

Through contact with your life energy, which always flows through you, you can develop an intense liveliness and become much more present. Be present – be right here and now – and sense all the life available. You will receive full support for this on the retreat, which is both a pure vacation for your soul and intense learning. And you are not alone – you are in a lovely community with others who are on the same journey. This is crucial for creating the desired shift towards increased contact with fundamental joy

The Source of Joy, From Mindfulness to Heartfulness

When we are full of heart, we follow our spiritual path, whatever it may look like for each individual, and joy springs forth from there. When you meet and embrace yourself 100% – both what you like and what you don’t – joy arises.

This is an important experience that you can subsequently use in your everyday life. It applies to your family, among friends, at work, on your self-esteem, stress, and love balance.

Of course, it’s not a miracle cure. It’s a process that begins – or perhaps you’re already in progress – and then continues. You invest in yourself. Maybe you feel that you already have a good connection to joy and that you would like to deepen it and come from an even deeper place. You will have ample opportunity to do so here at the retreat because we create a space together where everyone can grow from where they are. I will challenge you differently depending on where you are in your individual processes.

The time has come to celebrate life – that we are in it. That we are alive and cannot take life for granted. But we intend to unfold it! Again and again!


And overwhelmed by your “to-do list”? I know we all can be busy, but your mission is to take 5 days out of your calendar – if you choose to say yes to it – and dedicate those days to yourself. Invest in yourself! Because by doing so, you rediscover and revive your connection to your fundamental joy and discover what truly feels true to you. You become much more authentic.


  • The quiet deep joy and the expressive joy
  • A deepened connection to your heart
  • Knowledge of the Principles of the Source of Joy
  • Being true to yourself
  • Understanding of the dynamics of change
  • Learning about simplicity – and letting go of the complex
  • Increased sensitivity about boundaries
  • Strength and firmness in love Healthy aggression
  • Self-protection for the open, delicate heart
  • Gratitude


I utilize various methods for teaching at my retreats. On this one, we will make use of the beautiful nature on Møn. For example, we might take a silent walk one of the days and process our experiences along the way.

We will continuously engage the body in different ways as a resource to help us on our journey, from the moment we meet until we part. I use music and movement, physical exercises, energy exercises, silence, meditation, and yoga. We will consistently engage in dialogue and process the teachings so that everything integrates along the way.

While we won’t engage in psychotherapy, past stories are welcome in the present moment. They naturally arise, and I will continuously support you in opening up to the space that can help if you are fully present. This allows past disturbing emotions to pass. Not to deny them, but to help them dissolve. Gain new experience here and now with the new life within you that you are connecting with. It’s liberating.

We will move between different forms as relevant and, when supportive, also add relevant theory.



The course is for those who want to deepen their connection to their heart and thereby gain increased access to the source of joy. Also, for those who want to enjoy the camaraderie that arises when we together dare to be vulnerable, open, and brave in bringing what we’ve learned into contact with each other.

This way, you can experience and practice the deeper connection you have gained on the retreat before bringing the joy with you further out into the world.

You have previously undergone individual therapy or have equivalent experience. This has provided you with a solid foundation for this exploration.


Date: July 2024 – exact dates will be announced soon.

Time: You arrive on Sunday at 6:30 PM and start with a dinner. Departure is on Friday after lunch around 2:00 PM. We’ll have a dinner together upon your arrival.

Participants: We will be 10 (max 12) on the course.

Food: The food is inspired by Umahro Cadogan, Birthe Straarup, and David Wolfe, among others. It’s vegetarian and 100% organic. No wheat, dairy, or sugar. Look forward to being inspired by healthy and tasty food.

Covid-19: If relevant at the time, please arrive with a fresh COVID test, even if you are vaccinated. This way, as best we can, we know that no one is carrying the virus.

Total Price:
Private: DKK 9,640,-
Business: DKK 12,640,-


  • Course fee for private: DKK 5,690,-
  • Course fee for business: DKK 8,690,- + VAT.
  • Board and lodging in a shared double room: DKK 3,950,-
  • Single room supplement: DKK 1,150,- Board and lodging in total: DKK 5,100,-

There are 4 spots in 2 double rooms and 6 single rooms. Rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can pay for the course in 2 installments of DKK 4,820 each.

1st installment upon registration and 2nd installment on July 1st
(Example is for private and shared double room)

Registration Deadline: May 21, 2024

BEFORE YOU sign up

Book an appointment for a clarifying free conversation if we don’t know each other.

We’ll meet for about 20 minutes to establish contact and clarify needs, either in my practice in Østerbro, or if you live far away, we can meet online.

If you want to know more about the course, don’t hesitate to call or send an email: 

Tlf. 24 89 10 71 | info@lifeprocess.d

Registration Deadline: May 21, 2024

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