Couples Therapy

Is your relationship joyless?

Do you miss a sense of love and connection with your partner? Do you miss closeness and intimacy? Do you “function” well together with your kids for instance, but you are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend? Do you fight often and have a hard time accepting each other’s differences? Do you find it hard to communicate and find solutions? Have you experienced infidelity, even if it is not acceptable in your relationship? Do you find it hard to immerse yourself in love after many years of living together? Has your relationship become more of a habit that confines you both than it is the freedom to choose one another?

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Body Psychotherapy

Get to know the unique language of your body through body psychotherapy

Do you feel alienated in/by your body? Do you have persistent physical symptoms that you have no idea what to do about? Are you often absorbed in thought – involving perhaps fears of the future or worries about the past? Are you fixated on something that happened to you to the point that you can’t let it go, even though you’ve talked about it over and over to no avail? Do you have difficulty finding your way in life?

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When life feels vulnerable, painful or life threathening

Do you feel your life is meaningless and lack contentment? Has the absence of joy made the desire to live disappear and replaced everything with a should and a must? There are many different symptoms that shows when we are in pain: Is your life more about survival than living? Do you cry often or feel angry, victimized and helpless? If only your friend, boss or partner had done things differently, you would feel much better about everything?

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Online Coaching or Therapy

If you want to save time on transportation – or if you live far away, a Skype session might be the most effective approach, depending on your needs. You can also combine Skype with in-person sessions. I have great experiences using Skype. During a Skype session make sure that you have the ideal setup for you, so you feel comfortable to speak openly and get all the benefits out of your Skype session.

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