Couples Therapy

Walk the path of love with your partner

Order a free, no obligation initial consultation for couples therapy in Copenhagen, Oesterbro or via skype. (30 minute duration)

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Is your relationship joyless?

Do you miss a sense of love and connection with your partner? Do you miss closeness and intimacy? Do you “function” well together with your kids for instance, but you are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend? Do you fight often and have a hard time accepting each other’s differences? Do you find it hard to communicate and find solutions? Have you experienced infidelity, even if it is not acceptable in your relationship? Do you find it hard to immerse yourself in love after many years of living together? Has your relationship become more of a habit that confines you both than it is the freedom to choose one another? Is the sex a dried out field? Are you enduring rather than enjoying your relationship?

Don’t give up.

Invite your loved one to couples therapy. Learn to be vulnerable together, so you may empower each other. Recapture the ability to listen to and accept each other, and solve your conflicts in a constructive way. I have more than 30 years of experience, and, in all humility, I am good, talented and astute at what I do, so you won’t waste your time or money. I offer couples therapy in a lovely space in Oesterbro, Copenhagen. Here you can learn to:

  • Respect each other instead of arguing or feeling resentment.
  • Change your interaction to go back to including joy, juiciness and presence.

The couples therapy sessions will give you various tools that can be used daily.

Do you wish for an honest and loving relationship?

It is essential that you invest time in your relationship, and that you dare be vulnerable. Showing your vulnerability is the ultimate support to heal yourselves and the relationship. When you cease to hide from one other, new life will be breathed into the relationship.

Your attitude is very important: “We wish an honest and loving life together” – or a loving divorce. It is my experience as a couples therapist that there is tendency to take a wrong turn in the day-to-day chores and routines. However, the most important thing is that it is still possible to create a connection to what is at the heart of the relationship by being true to one another.

“How do we make it good for us? How can I for instance bring joy to my partner?” This I can teach you in couples therapy. I have a very broad experience as a couples therapist and it is my pleasure to help you bring love in your relationship more into focus.

Among other things by using Mindfulness, by being more present NOW, you can meet on the other side of conflicts. It is invigorating and brings new blood to the relationship. The spark is again ignited to generate closeness, intimacy and sexuality.

You are welcome to make an appointment for the free half hour initial consultation, that is if you are serious about wanting to heal your relationship. This half hour is utilized to clarify your needs and whether we would be a good match for what you need. Book only your session, if you are serious. Thank you for your understanding.

One piece of advice: Call and make an appointment before you are lost and the relationship is too entangled – it will be the shortest and simplest way to finding a solution.

I also offer individual therapy: psychotherapy and physical therapy.
The couples therapy takes place at Århusgade 2, 2100 Copenhagen, Oesterbro.

Cross-cultural relationships:

Maybe you are living together with different cultural backgrounds and need support to make the most of your opportunities. It would be a pleasure to be with you in that process, with all my personal experience and knowledge from having lived in foreign cultures.