When life feels vulnerable, painful or life threatening

Do you feel your life is meaningless and lack contentment? Has the absence of joy made the desire to live disappear and replaced everything with a should and a must?

There are many different symptoms that shows when we are in pain: Is your life more about survival than living? Do you cry often or feel angry, victimized and helpless? If only your friend, boss or partner had done things differently, you would feel much better about everything?
Maybe you often feel guilty – or perhaps too ashamed, and have feelings that you can not accept because they are inappropriate? Or do they make you feel tense, blocking you from having a great life?

You can get a satisfying life, so if you are interested, please call me if you need psychotherapy. I am a skilled therapist and I am located in Copenhagen, Oesterbro: call +45 24 89 10 71 or email, if you need support. If you are not located in Copenhagen, I am also available via Skype.

You don’t have to put up with unresolved conditions of grief, loss, fear, loneliness, anger or serious stress in your life. It is possible to get through very difficult experiences and turn up at the other side to a life much better suited to you. Getting to know your vulnerabilities is of utmost importance, because it will empower you and your connection with other people. Being vulnerable is about being true to who you are and thus being loyal to yourself, and this doesn’t mean you are weak, which is a common misperception. I am ready to help, if you are ready to take responsibility for your life.

Through psychotherapy, I will give you support to be more connected and compassionate with yourself

Psychotherapy takes place through conversation. I will support you in strengthening your connection and compassion to yourself and to gain insights in a pace that works for you. This is the best way to strengthen your connection to what resources you already have. Through conversation, you become more conscious of which conflicts and challenges that currently exist. With the tools you are given, you will experience a renewed fortitude and an improved ability to incorporate and cope with challenges. You will be happy to know that you can change things you may never have thought possible.

Change comes when you embrace and accept your feelings

Change is possible when you embrace your feelings lovingly – no matter how painful, challenging, lovely or chaotic they may be. When you become conscious of and accept your current process, change happens more easily and it can be felt in your relationships. You will experience more self-esteem when you realize that you can be yourself. When you stand by what you feel and become more present in your life, you will experience a greater flow in the body and have much more energy. It brings about a sense of release and joy.Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

In individual psychotherapy or physical therapy, you will get effective support to let go of old habits, or limitations from the past, or fear of the future. Both prevents an increased freedom and interferes in touch with your true nature. You will get relevant tools you can use in everyday life, which is a good support to stabilize the therapeutic process also in your relationships. It is joyful and liberating.

Together we will find ways to turn negative patterns of behavior to lessons that open the way to new opportunities and bring you a greater sense of freedom.

Psychotherapy is a good fit for finding meaning and direction in life and can be most beneficial when combined with body-psychotherapy couples therapy and mindfulness training.

I have a lovely space in Copenhagen, Oesterbro which is part of a working community of several psychotherapists.

The psychotherapy sessions happen at Århusgade 2, 2100 Copenhagen, Oesterbro. It is also possible to set up consultations on Skype, if needed.