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Body Oriented Psychoterapy

The body is very intelligent and can guide you in your life. With body oriented psychotherapy you will ground yourself better and become better at tackling challenges. A lot of people feel both joy and fear and still don’t listen to what the body is telling them. Interested in learning more?

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Get to know the unique language of your body through body oriented psychotherapy

Do you feel alienated in/by your body? Do you have persistent physical symptoms that you have no idea what to do about? Are you often absorbed in thought – involving perhaps fears of the future or worries about the past? Are you fixated on something that happened to you to the point that you can’t let it go, even though you’ve talked about it over and over to no avail? Do you have difficulty finding your way in life?

In that case, body oriented psychotherapy is a palpable choice. One of the fundamental principles in body oriented psychotherapy is that we become who we are by adapting in order to survive. It means that during our upbringing we have to separate ourselves from feelings and/or resources. This act of segregation leaves impressions in the body, which lessen its flow. In body oriented psychotherapy, we are supported to return to a wholeness – in other words, we regain what was lost. You learn to acknowledge and know your vulnerability. You become a braver person. As an adult you don’t have to live in segregation, but you can instead discover your own resources, integrate them, create self-esteem and acquire more freedom.

In body oriented psychotherapy,  you gain concrete support, an increased connection to and empathy with yourself in the situation you are in. The accept and awareness of the current process will start you off on the transformation you want. This transformation is joyful and liberating.

Being present in your body

When we truly realize that life is NOW, we embark on an exciting and vivid journey leading us from one moment to another. It requires some practice and it can be done. The setting and the knowledge that life is NOW, gives clarity in the way we move along on a daily basis.

Although you might not experience it that way, you know the way home to you, and I support the path with presence, knowledge, experience, humor and warmth. You will naturally have more self-esteem.

There is no final answers. It is an exploration, which is unique to you who explores and are curious about what you basically feel and need. From this place, it is possible to support oneself to have a satisfying life.

When appropriate we use music and movement including yoga. I offer many forms of movement exercises.
I am located at Århusgade 2, 2100 Copenhagen, Oesterbro.

Consultations with psychotherapy, couples therapy or Mindfulness courses can be added.