Online Coaching or Therapy

If you are in urgent need of coaching/therapy/counseling, please call +45 24891071 or email and book a free initial consultation. Together we will determine your needs and see if I am the right match for you.If you want to save time on transportation – or if you live far away, a Skype session might be the most effective approach, depending on your needs. You can also combine Skype with in-person sessions. I have great experiences using Skype. During a Skype session make sure that you have the ideal setup for you, so you feel comfortable to speak openly and get all the benefits out of your Skype session.FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION half hour duration:
Let’s Skype to see how we can work together. This way I can support you in what you need or perhaps help you understand what you need. Through this initial consultation, you will get the chance to evaluate if this match is a good opportunity for you.Know that this consultation isn’t just a free offer for anyone. It is an initial conversation for people who are seriously interested. Thank you for your understanding.

You can make an appointment by calling +45 2489 1071 or by email . During the appointment you will receive relevant information regarding payment of deposit.

If you don’t have Skype, you can download it for free at